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The Lab at Urban Athlete exists at the intersection of rehab, fitness education, biometric testing, and prevention. We work with our clients to end their pain, and educate them on how to stay healthy, strong and pain free for life. Our approach to fitness is holistic encompassing, corrective rehabilitation, nutrition, and performance testing.

RMR Testing

Set your nutrition plans up for success!  Having an accurate RMR measurement is crucial for any effective calorie-based diet planning, enabling you to set calorie targets that are specific to your body’s needs.

Vo2 Testing

Trying to figure out optimal heart rate zones for training, or wondering where you stand in terms of cardiovascular fitness?  Get your VO2 max measurement and receive individualized guidance on your heart rate zones to train smarter.

Functional Movement Screening

The screening identifies functional limitations that lead to muscle imbalances, faulty biomechanics and improper move patterns resulting in injury.

RMR Testing

  • Resting Metabolic Rate
  • Metabolic Comparison
  • Total Energy Output

Vo2 Testing

  • VO₂ Max and Sub Max
  • AT , AeT, Peak VO₂
  • Precise Target Heart Rates


  • FMS Screening and report
  • * Included in PT Programs
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