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The staff is really what keeps me coming back. It’s nice to walk in every morning and have everyone know your name and say hello. They are most friendly, professional, fun, and hard working crew I’ve ever worked out with. I’ve trained with almost all the trainers and they all bring something different to the table. On top of the work outs never being the same, the trainers all bring their own styles to your sessions. My body is still kept guessing after two years and I still get sore every week (in a good way). The clientele is also great here. It’s competitive but not intimidating and it’s small enough you get to see the same people most weeks.

Nic G.

The training mentality at Urban Athlete is designed to suit the needs of each member. They find out, early on, what your state of mind is regarding training, your goals, and the amount of “push” you need. Then, they customize your plan based on the feedback you give. I never feel pressured, but I appreciate the motivation I get when I need it.

You have three options at UA when you join: Personal Training + Gym/Class, Semi-Private Training + Gym/Class, or simply Gym/Class access.

Randy B.